Two OO Sentinels for Graham – years apart

The first Loco is a steam sentinel that will be running on my Lowe Street Layout at the Southwold Exhibition next weekend. This will run alongside my own Sentinel and will give a more authentic operation than normal as the usual diesel shunter will only be a reserve.

The second Loco is a Diesel shunter from the same factory albeit about half a century later.

Both are weathered to a light-med level and the Steam one has a loop to enable shunting with spratt & winkles






Hornby OO D16/3

Final loco in this batch is a D16/3. What a great model this really is, it portrays them as I remember seeing them at Norwich in the late 1950’s. Occasionally you could see them  after a cleaning, but that did not happen much towards the end.

There are plenty of black and white photographs, but a lot less full colour. However I managed to track down a few in the condition I required. Here are the results-




A pair of DRS Class 37’s in OO

Again these models are for my friend in Australia, he has become quite a collector of DRS traction over the years.

37038 is a limited edition from several years ago and apart from detailing one buffer beam and giving it a medium weather it is virtually ‘out of the box’.

The second loco, 37703 is far from standard and is a complete re-spray from R3 Re-sprays, and my job was to detail one buffer beam, re-instate emergency cut offs and give a light weathering.









We attended the above exhibition yesterday with my small OO layout, Lowe St. There is a previous post on this layout so I will not go over old ground again. Just search ‘Lowe Street’.

I would like to thank all at the Cambridge 31A Model Railway Club for inviting me, they are a great club and put on excellent shows. After over 20 shows Neil has handed over to Alan, and if yesterday was anything to go on, the change is seamless.

The quality of layouts and traders was to the usual high standard and it seemed very busy almost to the finishing time. I purchased some excellent laser cut O gauge platforms and a Goods Shed at really good prices.

The best part of the day for us was receiving the ‘Best Layout in Show’ award. This was quite a surprise as we had one of the smallest layout in the show, although run close by Dave Tailby, Colin French and Dave Carson with their micro layouts. This goes to show that everyone has room for a layout and that micro’s can be both interesting with plenty of shunting and very detailed. Once again thank you to the Cambridge Club.






Sorry I look at bit sad, but it was such a surprise being awarded the trophy. Delighted really.








Bachmann Colas Class 66

On my visits to Ely, one of my favourite trains is the Hoo Junction to Whitemore Yard Departmental service. This can be anything from a light engine(s) to massive trains of engineers stock, including cranes.

These trains are usually hauled by Colas 66’s, but Colas 70’s are also used on occasions. Colas do not have many 66’s and only two of them have names. When Bachmann brought out the Colas 66, I purchased two. I then purchased Railtec transfers and Shawplan nameplates for 66849 and 66850.

In real terms this is not a complicated conversion and after removing the original numbers, the transfers and plates were added. Like all my loco’s I detailed the end with the driver and left the tension locks on the other. They will be lightly weathered later.




















A tale of Two DRS Class 20’s

I will start with 20307, I made this using an A1 Models conversion kit and a Lima model as the  base, this was before Shawplan had done their finer etched conversion. I would have used the Shawplan parts had they been available. This was probably about ten years ago. It is very lightly weathered.

20303 was purchased, by a friend from Ebay recently. It was purchased with a different number, I changed it before weathering. It also had screw couplings but as it was to run as a second loco it had to have tension locks at both ends. The base loco is a Bachmann and it is assumed the conversion was using Shawplan parts. I would say the work was carried out to a good standard. The paint however was very glossy either by design or accident, so a dulling down coat of varnish was applied before quite a heavy weathering.

Conclusion, of course the Bachmann/Shawplan is the best way to go, but I still have a soft spot for the Lima Class 20. I actually recently purchased a further A1 DRS conversion for class 20 which I hope to do soon.